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Shotton Taxi Number – 01244 26 88 88

Taxi Shotton, Easy Corporate Travel provide clean cars and minibuses for a prompt reliable Taxi Service:- Shotton Taxi Numbers – Call: 01244 43 23 54 – OR – 01244 26 88 88 – for a (24hr Pre-Booked Service)

Reliable Drivers

Demand For Taxis:

Shotton situated in the area of Deeside Flintshire is no different to other areas of the country, where the demand for clean, reliable private hire taxis and minibuses is paramount supporting life for many people in the community. For a growing population, of both young and old, having access to direct cars and taxis in Shotton Deeside form an essential part of day to day life.

Managing TAXI Slots and Deadlines:

Customers who use Taxis or Cabs on a regular basis to local or regional destinations from Shotton, Connahs Quay, or Deeside, are usually mindful of time. They have a deadline or appointment to meet, the start of a work shift, a job interview, a meeting, a flight to take, shopping to collect or a train to catch.

So it would be useless if the taxi arrives late…

Connecting with our Customers is paramount, where timekeeping and the provision of a prompt Taxi Service for customers is without question. However, like many other operators the company has seen failings, in some instances, the company has faced challenges, due to traffic volume or road works, which is generally out of the company’s control.

Operations staff, have at their disposal a mythology to check live updates during busy periods, when booking and dispatching jobs, this usually provides an accurate view of any possible delays within the area, helping the company uphold a prompt and reliable private hire taxi service throughout the area of Shotton in Deeside.

Chester Road Shotton

Taxi Drivers:

When hiring taxi drivers, it is necessary to advise the importance of time and focus, ensuring that customer requirements are met to the best of the taxi drivers ability. In so doing, a driver will use their local and area knowledge, to deliver the best possible experience for the customer at all times.

Customers with special needs or requirements should inform the operator at the time of booking, enabling any information that is pertinent, to be passed directly to the driver allowing them to assist where required.

Cheap Taxis Connahs Quay

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Taxis Connahs Quay – 01244 43 23 54

Cheap taxis, Easy Corporate Travel launch the customer reward card, for TAXIS in Connahs Quay and other areas of Flintshire to include discount priced taxis in Shotton, Deeside, Sandycroft, Ewloe, Hawarden, Wepre, Northop Hall, Flint, Oakenholt, Bagillt, and more.

Customer Loyalty Reward Card:

The company believes, that a customer loyalty reward card is a fair exchange for customer loyalty, so by listening to its customers the company has adopted a loyalty program, where customers are encouraged to leave feedback on the company’s Facebook page, all good we hope.

Apply for your Loyalty Card:

Obviously, some terms and conditions apply:-

  • Get £1 off, every £10 recorded on the taxi meter.
  • Discount applied to metered journeys once only.
  • You must have used a TAXI at least 5 times during the past 6 months.
  • Along with discounts, you will also get other surprise goodies throughout the year.

Loyalty Discount:

Apply for your Loyalty Card:

Use the drop down Menu:

By submitting this form, I agree to the Easy Corporate Travel Legal Terms and acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy.
I also agree that Easy Corporate Travel or its representatives may contact me by email, phone, or SMS (including by automated means) at the email address or number I provide, including for marketing purposes.

Customer Loyalty Card The Facts:

Well, it’s not every day you come across a loyalty and reward program from a taxi service in Flintshire, or for that matter the company believes, anywhere in the immediate vicinity of Deeside, Shotton, Flint, or within the local region.

This is where Easy Corporate Travel stands out from the crowd, innovating technology once again, firstly with the launch of the company’s NEW App and then, by introducing a Loyalty Program, where the company is constantly looking to improve the customer experience when using taxis and minibuses, throughout Flintshire, Cheshire, and the Wirral.

Strategically positioned the company, having opened offices in both Flint and Deeside, are looking to encourage the people of the local areas and indeed the region of Flintshire to its services, and in so doing, they are happy with the taxi service provided, to capitalise the discount scheme which is administered through the company’s Loyalty Card Program.

The loyalty card program the company believes will be a great success for its customers, especially those customers who use the services of the company on a regular basis. Customers will make savings by becoming members of the company’s loyalty card program, especially those customers who use taxis daily, for work, shopping, or other trips.

How Does The Program Work:

There are no minimum amounts to spend on journeys, to amass a discount, but customers should use the discount to the maximum, as it is 10% of the 6th Journey fare. (eg: – A customer takes a Taxi to Chester from Flint – approximate fare £24, providing the customer with a saving on this fare of £2.50, (our meters round up to the nearest 50 pence)), a GREAT saving.

So, why don’t you APPLY for a Customer Loyalty Card – TODAY and save on your TAXI Travel too?

Taxi Service Near Me

Deeside Cars A Taxi Service Near Me

Taxis Available Throughout Deeside North Wales | Taxi Service Flintshire | Book Now!

Local Taxi Service – 01244 26 88 88

Finding a taxi service near me is simple, just search online or download the taxi app, SIMPLE!

taxi zone 1 deeside industrial park

Taxis In Deeside:

Find Taxis and Private Hire Cars near Deeside, Sandycroft, Mancot, Hawarden, Ewloe, Buckley, and Flint with Easy Corporate Travel, search for Taxis, Private Hire Cars, and Minibuses in Flintshire. The company prides itself on professionalism, by combining a friendly nature and adapting an “Old Fashioned” service with the latest technology.

Excellent Service

You will find the company provides an excellent service, that is priced well. All fares will show on the driver’s PDA meter so there are no discrepancies with drivers overcharging and customers will know the approximate fare before travelling.

Book with Easy Corporate Travel today or just download the app and book your taxi later it’s Easy.

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A Great Experience:

Gain a great experience by using the Easy Corporate Travel taxi service on a night out. Feel secure in the knowledge that the company drivers are courteous, polite, and professional. You may even use the service during the daytime, for shopping, getting from A to B, or for any other reason. The company will provide you with peace of mind when booking your Taxi, at the time of placing your booking, you will be sent a text message of booking confirmation, then when the job is allocated to a driver, you will get a further notification stating the Taxi is on the way, then just before the Taxi arrives with you a confirmation message is sent by the driver informing you of his/her arrival.

Book with the Company, for a great service, you will be glad you did.

Where Would You Like To Go TODAY!

Employee Shuttle Deeside

Deeside Taxi Shuttle

Employee Shuttle Deeside | Taxi Service Deeside Flintshire | Book Now!

Taxi Shuttle Deeside – 01244 26 88 88

Employee Taxi Shuttle Deeside: Deeside Industrial Park and the Zones, are much more accessible with a Taxi shuttle service provided by Easy Corporate Travel, with the restrictions of COVID-19 affecting the running of the Shuttle Buses provided by other operators.

employee shuttle deeside

Employee Shuttle Deeside:

Easy Corporate Travel has the answer, and provide local business in Deeside and Flint, with a shuttle service for the exclusive use of transporting their employees to and from their work.

The company’s service is especially popular with businesses and employment agencies, with a labour force that works various shift patterns.

Taxi Service for up to 8 workers per vehicle

Business Partnership:

Easy Corporate Travel work in partnership with Business in Deeside and Flint, together with Employment Agencies to shape the service around shift patterns and workforce needs.

Staff Collection Amazon DCE1

The service is available 24/7 (Pre-Booked Only) and works to provide flexibility around worker shift patterns. The company will work with you to ensure that your workers arrive at their place of work on time, every time.

Professional Service:

All drivers are fully vetted by Flintshire County Council and have a minimum of two-years’ private hire experience and are CRB checked. Drivers are always well-presented, courteous, professional, and reliable.

The company welcomes pre-paid accounts, to find out more please call 01244 26 88 88.

Taxis In Deeside Flintshire

Cabs And Private Hire Taxis

Direct Transport For Shopping, Nights Out, Work | Cabs And Taxi Service Flintshire | Book Now!

Taxis Deeside Flintshire – 01244 26 88 88

Local taxi services near me in Deeside Flintshire.

Deeside Taxis Flintshire:

Your journey starts here, Easy Corporate Travel provides taxis cabs, and private hire cars in Deeside, Shotton, and Queensferry Flintshire assisting shoppers, workers, clubbers, and those who need taxis for social and necessary occasions.

book on the app

Book A Taxi:

You may need to book a taxi for shopping perhaps to Morrisons, B & M, Home Bargains, Aldi, Lidl or Asda, or you may be on a shopping trip to Broughton, Buckley, Mold, or Chester, you may even be looking to book a taxi for your night out, a pub, party, or celebrating an event.

Whatever your requirements you can be assured of great service with Easy Corporate Travel.

The company also provides transport to assist Employees with a shuttle service, to and from work.

The Easy Corporate Travel TAXI app allows you to book a taxi at any time. Talking to the desk operator or dispatcher is no longer necessary with the APP.

Taxi Business Changes:

The taxi business has seen tremendous changes over the past decade. From a 2 way radio which was the traditional approach of dispatching taxi jobs, where the operator was in contact with drivers manually by voice. This during its day was the only way for a taxi operation to deliver jobs to drivers in the field, but as areas expanded, then 2-way radio had its flaws, not least to say, that there were areas or pockets where the radio signal was too weak to effect communication with the driver rendering them, Out Of Range.

The out of range scenario was frustrating for the driver, as on many occasions he or she would tramp to a position where the radio signal was strong enough to resume communication with the office, only to have to turn around and go partway back to an area they had just travelled through as there was a job waiting, frustrating, for the operator as well in planning jobs and times.

Total Digitalisation

Some years on from the 2-way radio setup, things have changed in the Taxi Industry, with the advent of computerisation, where the norm is for the driver to have a Driver PDA in the Car or Minibus, this setup allows drivers to accept work, without blackspots for ongoing work, making the taxi operation more efficient by offering a better service for the customer.

The Driver PDA works like a Mobile Phone where there are black spots in signal strength, so the company has allocated a multi-sim setup, which helps to avoid black spots making Easy Travel a more efficient and reliable service for its customers..

The office dispatchers are also much more organised with a computerised booking and dispatching system, the Driver PDA setup is controlled by GPS, this allows the dispatchers to see where drivers are at all times, and makes for a much more efficient service for the customer.

Customers now have the facility to order their taxi on the APP, refraining if they prefer to speak with an operator, the customer has full control, and can track instantly online their taxi. This prevents the need for a customer to phone the office asking when will the taxi be arriving. The customer is in the driving seat and can book, track, change, or cancel their taxi at the touch of a button.