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Taxi Service In Deeside Flintshire:

Easy Corporate Travel Ltd, was originally set in place as a Specialist Airport Transfer company, providing clean late registered Private Hire Cars and Minibuses, to an established market. Following the initial setup period 2018-2019, the company went on to provide Airport Transfer Services to local Business alongside Private clients throughout Flintshire, however in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the company found itself with a massive dilemma.

Misplaced as an Airport Transfer Specialist as bookings dried up, do we close the young taxi business operation or diversify.

new taxi office deeside

Close For Business Or Diversify:

The management team led by Keith Puxty has collectively 30+ years of experience in dealing with problematic situations such as this, so it was agreed and the diversification option was sought. The anchor point of this was that the survival of the company mattered, so by introducing standard Taxi and Minibus services to the population of Flintshire we had a fighting chance.

Although a competitive field, with local companies such as Direct Cars, Deeside Cars, Contact Cars already established it was felt that the company could offer the local population an alternative Taxi Service plus it would retain its facility, for providing Specialist Airport Transfers and Business Class transport to Corporate Business Clients alongside this provision of standard Taxis and Minibuses throughout the localities of Flintshire.

New Taxi Office:

In assisting the decision to diversify, a new office position was sought in Deeside at the Evans Business site on Zone 1, where the business is quietly building a regular core of supportive service users (customers), which is a welcome response. From this point forward the Company can remain solid of its new focus, in the provision of a prompt and reliable, taxi transfer service throughout the regions of Flint, Oakenholt, Connahs Quay, Shotton, Deeside, and further to all areas in Deeside Flintshire.

Technology Driven Plan:

With a technology-driven plan, it was decided that a fully computerised Taxi Booking platform would be installed at the New Offices of the Company as this would allow for the efficient dispatching of jobs for drivers, and would also provide for great communication with its service users.

As a welcome addition, the company has also introduced fare metering, which is totally visible to the service user (customer), at all times, prominent in an appearance and highlighted on the driver’s vehicle-mounted PDA which enables service users to see the accumulated fare at any stage of their journey. Additional to this and as an added convenience for the Taxi User, each and every vehicle is also equipped with a Card Reader, a facility allowing customers to pay the fare by Credit Card | Debit Card | Apple Pay | Google Pay.

pda fare meter

Apple or Android App:

SO HOW DOES IT WORK: The facilities of the company include a booking App, (Download Here)  for either Apple or Andriod devices, which will allow customers to book their Taxi or Minibus without speaking with an operator, it also provides the customer a complete tracking facility so they know and can pinpoint when their Taxi or Minibus is arriving.

Minibus and Private Hire Taxis:

If you need a Minibus or Private Hire Taxi in Flintshire, then look no further as Easy Corporate Travel has it covered, the company provides Taxis and Minibuses for the people of Flint – Deeside – Shotton – Connahs Quay for (Events, Shopping or Functions). If you are a business, you may need to use the company’s business class transport solution, for your Airport Transfers or you may indeed require a clean reliable taxi transfer for that all-important family special occasion which may encumber: Weddings, Events, Birthday Celebrations and more…

As a result, Easy Corporate Travel is fully compliant, insured and licensed by the Flintshire County Council in the provision of Private Hire Taxi and Minibus Vehicles for the following work:-

Local Taxi Long Distance VIP Services
Private Taxis Business Class Chauffeur Transport
Sea Port Taxis School Transport Events-Wedding Cars

Business Travel

Corporate Executive Business Travel