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Taxi Service 5% Discount Offer

Get 5% Discount Offer, when you book your outward and return Airport Transfer to Manchester or Liverpool, this offer stands throughout the year of 2021 due to the pandemic of COVID-19 (even if you are travelling at a later date say Jan- July 2022), provided you book your outward and return journey in advance ONLINE then the 5% Discount stands and is calculated on the combined fare (Outward and Return Journey).

How Does It Work:

1: The booking system at Easy Corporate Travel is simple, click BOOK YOUR JOURNEY, select your preferred airport destination from the drop-down menu, click return and enter your date of travel together with your preferred pick-up time, then click on the reserve now button.
Booking Page 1st Screen

2: You will then be directed to the choice of Vehicle screen, where you can select your preferred vehicle type ie: Minibus, Hatchback Car, Estate Car, Luxury Saloon. This screen will also provide you with a confirmation of the trip details specified on the first screen and will ask you to complete a short booking form, where you can enter the remainder of your details to confirm your booking.

Before confirming your booking details, please remember to read, and agree with the company terms and conditions at the bottom of the form before you hit proceed to pay. The price is then listed in the calculation of your journey.
Booking Page 2nd Screen

3: The next screen refers to payment details and follows on from the previous screen. Click on the proceed to pay button where you will see pay the driver on the day of transfer.


Due to the caliber of the vehicle and its limited supply, for all Minibus bookings and Transfers, a 10% deposit will be required at the time of booking, we will email you a secure link to make this payment, prior to full confirmation of your Minibus Booking being processed (This Amount is a Non-Refundable deposit).

4: Finally you will be greeted by a confirmation screen, confirming that your booking has been successfully placed which outlines your entire booking details. At this point, you will receive an email from Easy Corporate Travel confirming your booking arrangements (subject to payment confirmation Minibus bookings only).

REMEMBER: If you have selected a Minibus for your mode of travel, owing to there being more than 4 persons travelling, you will also be sent a secure link, to make a payment of  10% of the total booking cost (Non-Refundable) which is the company’s standard Minibus booking procedure before your booking is fully confirmed. Failure to complete your 10% payment within 1 business day will result in your booking inquiry being cancelled on our system.

Booking Successful

Easy Corporate Travel provides Taxis and Minibuses for all occasions and operates a Specialist Airport Transfer Service to all UK destinations, to learn more about the services provided please select the following link:-