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Place your bookings hours, days, or weeks in advance. Whenever it is most convenient for you.
The Easy Corporate Travel TAXI booking App is FREE to download, it also costs you nothing to register, so download the App Today.

Apple APP:

Android APP:

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Priority Service:

Easy Corporate Travel offers the Taxi App, facility for its customers, it is so quick and easy to use.

Simple Download:

Simply download from either the Apple Store or from Google Play for Apple and Android devices, register just once and you’re ready to go. Our intelligent software will then take over, during the booking process, suggesting your favourite Pick Up points and locations.

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Booking From Your Phone:

Booking from your phone or device is simple, enter the details of your journey and select book, these details will then be entered into the booking system, and once confirmed, you will receive a notification that your booking has been accepted.

Next, you will receive a booking confirmation SMS message, stating that your requested car or minibus has been despatched, keeping you informed at each step, so you know that your transport is on the way.


Using the Taxi App provides you with benefits over and above that of making your booking by telephone, firstly you don’t need to speak with an operator, secondly, you have full control over your booking, so even if you need to cancel or amend your booking, simply open your booking on the app and press select the option you would like to use, it’s as easy as that.

Once the car or minibus has been allocated the job, you will receive an additional SMS message, so you know how long the transport will take to reach you, which also allows you to track your vehicle by GPS from the app all the way.

You will then get a notification from the driver when your car is 2 minutes away. This message will confirm the vehicle details such as registration number, make, model, and vehicle colour.

NOTE: During exceptionally busy times, the app will not be in use – please ring the number above to book a car.