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You may be looking to arrange a taxi in Flint OR you may need to get from A to B, then a taxi is often the most convenient method.

Pay By Cash OR Card:

Pay by Cash or Card
Booking a Flint Taxi or for that matter, any TAXI in Flintshire, is some times difficult especially if you find yourself out of the area, and a member of office staff refuses to send a taxi due to no payment being made, stating you need to pay in advance before they will send you a taxi, so you are stranded at a remote location.

Don’t worry, help is on hand, Easy Travel have encrypted technology in place, where desk staff are able to process Credit Cards payments by phone, so once processed the customer is no longer in a stranded situation as a car or minibus is dispatched.

We Accept Card Payments:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Google Pay
  • Android Pay
  • American Express

Rest assured that transactions are handled entirely by our merchant services provider, so we don’t receive or see any of your card details or for that fact, any personal information other than the name on the card.
Card Pay

You only pay by card what you would pay by cash, there are no hidden surcharges or additional fees when paying your fare by card. The driver devices are equipped to make Contactless Payments with compatible cards on payments under £45.

At the end of your taxi journey, simply ask to pay by card, and the driver will hand you the device to complete payment. A receipt can be obtained from the driver on request.