Taxi Shotton

Shotton Taxi Numbers

Taxi Shotton, Easy Corporate Travel provide clean cars and minibuses for a prompt reliable Taxi Service:- Shotton Taxi Numbers – Call: 01244 43 23 54 – OR – 01244 26 88 88 – for a (24hr Pre-Booked Service)

Reliable Drivers

Demand For Taxis:

Shotton situated in the area of Deeside Flintshire is no different to other areas of the country, where the demand for clean, reliable private hire taxis and minibuses is an important part of life for many people in the community. For a growing population, of both young and old, taxis form an essential part of day to day life.

Managing TAXI Slots and Deadlines:

Customers who use Taxis or Cabs on a regular basis to local or regional destinations from Shotton, Connahs Quay, or Deeside, are usually mindful of time. They have a deadline or appointment to meet, start of a work shift, a job interview, a meeting, a flight to take, shopping to collect or a train to catch.

So it would be useless if the taxi arrives late.

Good Customer Service:

Good customer service is paramount, where time keeping and the provision of a prompt Taxi Service for customers is without question. However, like many other operators the company has seen failings, in some instances, the company has faced challenges, due to traffic volume or road works, which is generally out of the company’s control.

Operations staff, have at their disposal a mythology to check live updates during busy periods, when booking and dispatching jobs, this usually provides an accurate view of any possible delays within the area, helping the company uphold a prompt and reliable private hire taxi service throughout the area of Shotton in Deeside.

Chester Road Shotton

Taxi Drivers:

When hiring taxi drivers, it is necessary to advise the importance of time and focus, ensuring that customer requirements are met to the best of the taxi drivers ability. In so doing, a driver will use their local and area knowledge, to deliver the best possible experience for the customer at all times.

Customers with special needs or requirements should inform the operator at the time of booking, enabling any information that is pertinent, to be passed directly to the driver allowing them to assist where required.

Apps and Online Presence:

For customer convenience, the company has a TAPP the APP facility together with a booking arrangement that can be completed online if you prefer. The company runs a fully computerised booking and dispatching facility, keeping the customer informed at every stage of the booking, from job acceptance, to car dispatch and then to car or vehicle arrival. This allows the customer to track the progress of their Taxi from Booking to Arrival.

Loyalty Scheme:

Easy Corporate Travel is proud to offer its customers, a Taxi Service in Shotton and to offer those customers an opportunity to gain Fare Discounts on taxi rides, through its Customer Loyalty Card.

Customers can find more about the Company Loyalty Card program and Taxi Ride Discount scheme offered by Easy Corporate Travel by – Clicking Here For Details